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Тема в разделе "Новости компании. Технические и финансовые вопросы", создана пользователем Odissey, 7 окт 2007.

  1. Odissey

    Odissey А вот и я !

    Зашел я на сайт по рефссылке с желанием стать Интернет партнером и столкнулся с несколькими проблемами (точнее возникло ряд вопросов):
    Преамбула: Я, имея более 10 сайтов с общей посещаемостью около 6000 уникальных посетителей в день, хочу расположить на сайтах ваши банеры или текстовые ссылки, с целью привлечения вам клиентов и, соответственно поручение долговременной прибыли. Сам я тоже зашел по рефссылке, но открыв несколько ссылок в других окнах, в частности, страницы регистрации счета, я в адресной строке уже признаков моего «спонсора» не увидел.
    1. Какими методами вы отслеживаете пришедших по рефссылкам? Куки, IP… или др. методы? Если это не так, то я как партнер буду терять до 70% регистраций.
    2. Даже попав на ваш сайт, я очень даже не сразу нашел с чего мне начать. Много текста и мало конкретики. Это просто мое первое впечатление и пожелание. Например, зашел я по ссылке ПАРТНЕРАМ, и увидел бы конкретные рекомендации в виде последовательных пунктов:
    1. Сделайте то…
    2. Затем то…
    3. Затем то…

    3. Есть ли у вас банеры?
  2. Admin1472408549

    Admin1472408549 Administrator

    Мы, наоборот, гордились, что у нас очень конкретный сайт :)

    Пользователь может с главной страницы открыть счет, пополнить его, снять средства, может одним кликом мышки перейти на конкурсы или на страницу аналитики...

    Но мы рады вашим претензиям. Если можете, распишите подробнее чего не хватает сайту. Или, если можно, сайт ДЦ, который вам понравился больше.
  3. Admin1472408549

    Admin1472408549 Administrator

    Реферальную ссылку вы можете ставить на любую страницу сайта, в том числе в скрытом виде (никто не будет знать, что эта ссылка реферальная). Ссылка хранится в браузере клиента более шести месяцев, и если клиент зарегистрируется,вы будете получать комиссионные с каждой его сделки. Комиссионные будут начисляться на ваш счет мгновенно.

    Постучитесь в аську партнерза, можем обсудить отдельные усовия.
    6000 в день - уровень не малый. Мы можем предоставить отдельные технические преимущества.
  4. RBJ

    RBJ Новичок форума

    Слишком много пустоты. Особенно если брать горизонтальную плоскость(например монитор широкоэкранного ноутбука).
  5. Zveruga

    Zveruga Почётный гражданин

    Банеров немерено!
    Проблема лично у меня возникла лиш с его выбором! :)
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    \Recently, some crazy reading the novel and film, followed by writing book reviews and film critic; hear a melodious music, the imagination, and then write music pieces, as for music assessment, do not know why things did not write the kind of comment characters feel, like afternoon tea, a touch of dispensable and, occasionally, to taste a long. The final analysis, the workload is not full, so please work with me directly or indirectly in touch with friends forgive me. ;
    This is what sign?
    According to Freud's structural analysis of human nature: the I (id), self (ego) and the super-ego (superego) description, so expressed a strong desire,我偷的,看看吧?没坏处。 - Qzone日志, may be due to the self-understanding, after all, no interest needss, does not meet the need, nothing more than an expression of or around, like himself, the reader through the text to reflect the idea a little, by code word space, vision, fantasy, or thought, maybe that is the reason for writing the reason immortal.

    explain the story background of the following: \do not know of cases to read, sometimes excellent work they had to buy a book of wishes, so browse a lot, but did not find much worth recommending works. Recently lucky, met several pretty good book. For a long time, I did not want to not like reading the works of female authors, between the lines showing the kind and lovely things that make married men are less willing to try to figure out, bespark off the men married to women are familiar with the psychological and physiological so that the emotional and detailed stories of the old man less attractive, but this time a bit unexpected neither eat nor sleep, breath reading that book, evidently feeling between the upper and lower a bit jerky transition from the inanimate , it is still excellent work, at least and most describe Bourne, lust, obscenity, compared with the arrogance of the work is refreshing, and there is pain, but also laughter.

    the following characters in the novel beautifully, here let me look meager, poor, after all,herve leger london, willing to speak one's mind in simple words, try it.
    human right way! it is a fact that, he should die, his death could arouse the faint of heart readers unhappy, he died to bring readers can sympathize with and even sympathized with him, then there will be a tragedy of his color, his betrayal becomes a living reality helplessness. as a matter of fact, more deterioration of the character, so his blood was found to bear more of the tears and all the reasons to all the girls and his grief together, but I can not write that person. A Zheng is in fact a weak heart, he's weak from his desire, he Tolerance, he paid, even desperate for his ideals, as micro-Cheng said, when many years have passed, you find what you seek then things may have become not the most significant, then an attempt to betrayal, but never lost back, the girl had been waiting for you that is not there.
    weak as?! Your youth immortal, but your life is so weak, weak, lose your attitude to things,herve leger fashion, is that you become too weak in the face of love. Nguyen Nguyen's appearance is too beautiful, even perfect. Like a flawless, like jade, so cutting artisans do not know how to give up, but it may be beconduce to so perfect, and doomed to the fire between her passing away, the same as the moths. Heartbreaking is remove that light is a virtual image, no one would go to a date, only Nguyen Nguyen, Nguyen Nguyen carries happiness, overflowing happiness Nguyen Nguyen, Nguyen Nguyen poor, under the heart was finally broken in fragments, No good-bye to his cimpairing and enchanting, no longer lift up that continuously black hair, slight heartache, together with me, that intertwined pain,max azria, tears eyeful.
    music masters in the Royal, everyone quiet good! And more good ah? As Boya and sub-period,装修后才知道的79件事,无数网友砸出来的经验+130张完, Mountain and Flowing Water, this is actually my dream of marriage, more of a commune. He gently, he tolerant, sophisticated and detailed his life, his life is like a careful plan. Also loved, but also can not love, filled with a mental person, think of a little air out of position are quite hard, so for him to cry a lot of girls,bandage dresses, he's back to her without turning back, with seven or eight years dormant waiting for, then loyalty to build a wall, secretly stopped her path, when she stepped in the most vulnerable, as her second man, of course, the last one. Marry him, excited, happy, against the backdrop of tears in the interpretation of the perfect wedding.
    micro and static, knowledge in micro. Childhood growing up, she will wait for the day to be his bride, \What likes to put the mortal creature, became a man fathers a grudge reason to avoid her, she could only have crying. Ganaiganhen small dragon after all, a woman,herve leger bandage, even crying Later he was driven away the fact that he had no choice. So she began to marginally grow, moderately sensible,学历高了~~~~哎~~~~ - Qzone日志, to understand the fact that life is more patient, understand the need for more fact of life is given. Little dragon on it day by day with their perfect, Hui Xin Lan quality, out on the affair. Nguyen Nguyen she saw the body in the moment, I think she really grew up, she completed a girl to a woman all the transformation, the moment she actually knows why the immortal love Nguyen Nguyen, and moths known to be fire The reason has to fire fighting. She did not hesitate may choose love, if she have time to wait for her chance.

    Wuyuan old sinking, mountaintops Why has not withered acacia trees or are stripped, only beinduce it saw that it love? Why is not the old acacia trees or anything hawthorn tree? This is actually not vital, it stood quietly hill, waiting for women or men, hurry world, some of them sad, some happy, is that a ray of light Bale night. Beprocure of the youth who can not immortal!

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