Tiananmen Square

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    As the most sizable square located in the center of a city in this world, Tiananmen Square is located in the center of Beijing city, where you can visit Tiananmen Rostrum, Monument to the People's Heroes, Great Hall of the People, the Mausoleum of Chairman Mao, the China National Museum and see the national flag raising ceremony. Thousands of people come to visit the square every day.The Tian'anmen Rostrum, standing to the north of the Tiananmen Square, precisely in the south ?C north central axis of Beijing, was the main gate of the royal palace of both the Ming and Qing Dynasty. It was initially called Cheng Tian Men and obtain the divine power form the Heaven. In the eighth year of Emperor Shunzhi's administration, the gate was refurbished and called Tiananmen. From then on nearly all the important imperial celebrations and events such as the enthronement of the emperor, the wedding of the emperor, the rite of going to a battle by the emperor himself, the famous "Imperial Edict Issued by Golden Phoenix", worshipping the heaven and the earth, and worshipping the five sorts of grains among others. The magnificent gate has five passages. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the passage in the middle leading to the Forbidden City was particularly reserved for the emperor himself. The emperor went through the central passage on the way to the altars for rituals and other religious activities, for instance. The high-ranking government officials and the empresses, concubines, princes and princesses could only enter the Forbidden City through the side passages, while the ordinary subjects were absolutely forbidden to go inside the Forbidden City. That is why the city was "forbidden". The 34.7 meters high Tiananmen Rostrum is more magnificent in the sunshine with glittering yellow glazed tile on the roof and red wall and pillars. Before the Rostrum are the Golden Water Bridge, the white Huabiao (a pair of ornamental columns made of white marble sculptured with dragon designs. They are also called "slander pillar" for in the ancient time it carried the ordinary people's slanders and suggestions for the emperor) and a pair of big stone lions.[align=center] [img=200,150]http://www.chinalandscapes.com/UploadFile/Image/Guide/Beijing/Tian'anmen%20Square/tiananmen%20tower,Beijing%20Tour,China%20tour,China%20travel%20on%20line%20service.jpg[/img][img=200,150]http://www.chinalandscapes.com/UploadFile/Image/Guide/Beijing/Tian'anmen%20Square/China%20Capital%20Museum,Beijing%20Tour,China%20tour,China%20travel%20on%20line%20service.jpg[/img][/align]The granite Monument to the People's Heroes is just at the center of the Tiananmen Square. Built in 1952, it is the largest monument in China's history. "The People's Heroes are Immortal" written by Chairman Mao is engraved on the monument. Eight unusually large relief sculptures show to the people the development of Chinese modern history. Two rows of white marble railings enclose the monument, simple and beautiful.West of the Square is the Great Hall of the People. This building, erected in 1959, is the site of the China National People's Congress meetings and provides an impressive site for other political and diplomatic activities.Twelve marble posts are infront of the Hall which has three parts--the Central Hall, the Great Auditorium and a Banqueting Hall.The floor of the Central Hall is paved with marble and crystal lamps hang from the ceiling. The Great Auditorium behind the Central Hall seats 10,000. The Banqueting Hall is a huge hall with 5,000 seats.The Mausoleum of Chairman Mao is at the south side of the Square. This Hall is divided into three halls and our dear Chairman Mao's body lies in a crystal coffin in one of the halls surrounded by fresh bouquets of various famous flowers and grasses.[align=center][img=200,150]http://www.chinalandscapes.com/UploadFile/Image/Guide/Beijing/Tian'anmen%20Square/great-hall-people,Beijing%20Tour,China%20tour,China%20travel%20on%20line%20service.jpg[/img] [img=200,150]http://www.chinalandscapes.com/UploadFile/Image/Guide/Beijing/Tian'anmen%20Square/Chairman%20Mao's%20Mausoleum,Beijing%20Tour,China%20tour,China%20travel%20on%20line%20service.jpg[/img][/align]Another important place for the tourist to visit is the China National Museum at the east side of the Square. It just came into existence in 2003 and is a combination of Chinese History Museum and Chinese Revolutionary Museum. This National Museum faces the Great Hall of the People. Inside the Chinese Revolutionary Museum are a lot of material objects, pictures, books and models to present the development of modern China. The Chinese History Museum shows a large number of cultural relics illustrating the long history and glorious culture of China from 1,700,000 years ago to 1921 when the last emperor left the throne.Five Star Red Flag-the Chinese national flag, flies high in the sky above the Square. To see the guard of honor raise the Flag is a must for the tourist visiting Beijing City. You have to get up very early and arrive at the Square before sunrise. Only by doing so can you see the ceremony clearly as there are crowds of people attending the ceremony every day.The present Tiananmen Square has an area of 440,000 square meters and has become a relaxing place for the common people to fly kites and walk. On a holiday, the whole square is covered with fresh flowers.
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