Настройка серверов. 13-14 октября

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  1. FXstart Admin

    FXstart Admin Administrator Команда форума


    На этих выходных все сервера находятся будут находится в выключенном состоянии.

    Идет настройка новых валютных пар.

    Заводить счета можно, подключаться (получать котировки) - нельзя.
  2. FXstart Admin

    FXstart Admin Administrator Команда форума

  3. Gertsog

    Gertsog Новичок форума

    Когда можно будет подключаться? У меня до сих пор написано, что "счет заблокирован".
  4. FXstart Admin

    FXstart Admin Administrator Команда форума

    Все было запущено в 2 00 по МСК.
    Пожалуйста, откройте-закройте терминал. Возможно, необходимо перезагрузиться.

    Возможно, ваш аккаунт действительно заблокирован, но тут может быть только одна причина - вирус (или криво написанный советник), который пытается повесить Метатрейдер.


    Форум - для достаточно вялотекущего обсуждения :)
  5. Gertsog

    Gertsog Новичок форума

    У меня все заработало где-то к 4-00 МСК
  6. Gertsog

    Gertsog Новичок форума

    А какие новые пары настроили?
    Рубля так и не будет?
  7. FXstart Admin

    FXstart Admin Administrator Команда форума

    Все должно быть. К сожалению, программисты настояли на трехдневном тестинге.
    Ждем среды или четверга.
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    Swain’s Output Hypothesis

    Swain’s Output HypothesisSwain, in 1985, argued “ learners need the opportunity for meaningful use of their linguistic resources to achieve full grammatical competence, and that production may encourage learners to move from semantic (top-down) to syntactic (bottom-up) processing, forcing learners to pay attention to the means of expression” . The ultimately purpose of language learning is to significantly use in our daily life. Attention inEVE ISK output arise internally through production processes, in that learners themselves decide what they find problem in their production and what they pay attention to the input. In other word, English learners should not only increase the information input, but also efficiently output the language what they have learned. Speaking and writing belong to language output, which base on abundant of language input. That’s quite necessary and available to open your mouth and move your hands in reading to enhance your reading efficiency. 1.2.3 Constructivism TheoryThe constructivism theory of teaching and learning is based on a combination of a subset of research within cognitive and social psychology. The basic premise is that an individual learner must actively "build" knowledge and skills fly for fun goldand that information exists within these built constructs rather than in the external environment. Learning is an active process in which the learner uses sensory input and constructs meaning out of it. Bruner provides the following principles of constructivist learning: 1.Instruction must twelve sky goldbe concerned with the experiences and contexts that make the student willing and able to learn (readiness). 2.Instruction must be structured that it can be easily grasped by the student (spiral organization). 3.Instruction should be designed to facilitate extrapolation and or fill in the gaps (going beyond the information given) . Reading is a process of positive thinking, studying and information accepted. It needs learners to study it by themselves. Only in such a process, can they finally enhance their reading competence step by step.1.3 Necessities for utilizing ENR in English teaching1.3.1 New requirement The New Standards of English Curriculum, in 2002, carried out by China’s Ministry of Education National Curriculum Research dofus kamasCommittee has clearly stated:(a) In the present English curriculum, learning resources should be fully utilized and exploited; the resources should be closely related to the student’s experience, life, and modern world. (b) Learning materials from English audiovisual programs, TV news, newspapers, periodicals, and Internet information should fully be age of Conan goldmade use of in the curriculum through various teaming tasks.(c) Students should be encouraged to develop and use the resources actively. The standards have also put forward that students should learn to appreciate and comprehend simplified original works, English newspapers and periodicals provided for them. Hence, ENR course quite live up to the requirement of China’s Ministry of Education and available.
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    cshaobu414526 Banned

  12. Hoppi20420

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    We nodded our heads

    It was finally making sense. He did want us to widen our views. To . see what Mrs. Martin could not see, his employees could not see, or my dad for that matter. He used examples that sounded cruel at the time, but I've never forgotten them. My vision widened that day, and I could begin to see the trap that lay ahead for most people."You see, we're all employees ultimately. We just work at different levels," said rich dad. "I just want you boys to have a chance to avoid the trap. The trap caused by those two emotions, fear and desire. Use them in your favor, not against you. That's what I want to teach you. I'm not interested in just teaching you to make a pile of money. That won't handle the fear or desire. If you don't first handle fear and desire, and you get rich, you'll only be a high-paid slave.""So how do we avoid the trap?" I asked."So is there an answer?" asked Mike.dog clothing, "Yes," said rich dad. dog clothes wholesale "Learn to use your emotions to think, not think with your emotions. When you boys mastered your emotions, first by agreeing to work for free,dog apparel, I knew there was hope. When you again resisted your emotions when I tempted you with more money, pet clothes, you were again learning to think in spite of being emotionally charged. pet clothing, That's the first step.""Why is that step so important" I asked."The main cause of poverty or financial struggle is fear and ignorance, not the economy or the government or the rich. It's selfinflicted fear and ignorance that keeps people trapped. So you boys go to school and get your college degrees. I'll teach you how to stay out of the trap."The pieces of the puzzle were appearing. My highly educated dad had a great education and a great career. But school never told him how to handle money or his fears. It became clear that I could learn different and important things from two fathers."So you've been talking about the fear of not having money. How does the desire of money affect our thinking?" Mike asked."How did you feel when I tempted you with a pay raise? Did you notice your desires rising?"We nodded our heads."By not giving in to your emotions, you were able to delay your reactions and think. That is most important. We will always have emotions of fear and greed. From here on in, it is most important for you to use those emotions to your advantage and for the long term, and not simply let your emotions run you by controlling your thinking. Most people use fear and greed against themselves. That's the start of ignorance. Most people live their lives chasing paychecks, pay raises and job security because of the emotions of desire and fear, not really questioning where those emotion-driven thoughts are leading them. It's just like the picture of a donkey, dragging a cart, with its owner dangling a carrot just in front of the donkey's nose. The donkey's owner may be going where he wants to go, but the donkey is chasing an illusion. Tomorrow there will only be another carrot for the donkey.""You mean the moment I began to picture a new baseball glove, candy and toys, that's like a carrot to a donkey?" Mike asked.
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    pinch valve Particulates

    Major components of a pinch valve consists of body and a sleeve. The sleeve will contain the flow media and isolate it from the environment hence reducing contamination to the environment. Generally used for slurries or processes with entrained solids, because the flexible sleeve allows the valve to close droptight around solids—solids that would typically be trapped by the seat or stuck in crevices in globe, diaphragm, butterfly, gate, or ball valves. The sleeve material can be selected upon the corrosiveness and abrasiveness of the flow media, a suitable synthetic polymer can be chosen. A pinch valve http://www.corrosion-resistant-valves.com/Pinch-valve.html may be the best type of valve for flow control application if the operation temperature is within the limit of the polymer.
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    In the vast youth walking through the years, the reinforced concrete of the urban forest in the walk, remember that promise I was only, that person more and more ambiguous figure, I am somewhat at a loss, in the end the only who is who? Who really into the Who as their only does this life? Perhaps years ago, I would believe that the only world there is such a thing exists, it will interpret the definition. Believe the campus, under the trees, in a small bridge, and I play in the stream slapstick, come with me, cry, laugh with the man of my life is the only among but also to think of myself as He (she) only. After years of aeolian only after I already do not believe that the only kind of unreal things, clearly within reach, but when you touch when it flies twinkling of an eye, thereby sad, and I now understand, the so-called The only, Fine clothes and shoes wholesale price Click to enter High Heels shoesbut his best Chongni a Jiaochena hypocrisy, a kind of greed fills might as well have been quietly accompany the person next to you is more real. Do not know if I like being the only thing that severely hurt people, it can once again bring the courage to love again believe that this world there are only, I believe the vista of good wishes, Perhaps some of them who will believe, as long as I was also thoroughly disappointed it?
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    ~ ~ (Laughs do not laugh for you ^ _ ^)◆ suffered humiliation in the bedroom of a normal guy,herve leger dresses, a middle of the night shouting: \

    ◆ bedroom,可爱的90后媳妇儿! 【逗死我了】 - Qzone日志, a girl, middle of the night to say: \Abduction hand side of her hair and saying: \

    ◆ my wife to lose weight during the middle of the night suddenly shouted: \

    ◆ buddy told me before the hearing room, middle of the night I suddenly said: \\

    ◆ Almost every day I say fudge, one of the most stupid is: \

    ◆ students in our class a daydream of military training, said: \

    ◆ During that time one of the best brother I prefer to play chess, and one night fell asleep beside his wife in the reading. Hey hey,herve leger bandage, he suddenly heard laughing,愛 錯過了,就不在了 - Qzone日志, and then yelled out: \How will you? \photogenic,bandage dresses, you do not see chess is also the next P ah! \Hey hey, my brother started laughing then continue to sleep on.

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    ◆ bedroom in the past, a brother,leger dress, 4:00 sat up suddenly shouted: \
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