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    8) reason is more important than passion

    managers should be good at understanding their own, able to work consciously, rationally self-reflection, self-control and self-discipline .
    the ability of their managers should have sufficient knowledge and understanding, clearly aware of their strengths and weaknesses, what are some things that are good at and what things he can. Only by fully self-reflection, in a complicated situation to make the right judgments, to the cooperation with colleagues or subordinates to obtain full confidence of others.
    in the event of crisis or when faced with setbacks, managers should be able to fully automatic control, and rational, calm and make careful choices based on. Controls are talking about here include:
    ? In the high-pressure environment, able to control their own reactions, and to make himself and his team calm down, calm handling.
    ? understand their own position and influence, to understand themselves all the time by others (superiors,moncler sale, subordinates, other departments and even customers) concern.
    ? exploit opportunities, through their words and deeds affect the team.
    managers to communicate, we must understand that every move you are concerned by others. I remember one time, there is an employee complained to me: \\\\If the leadership of hard work, staff will work hard. If you care about leading product, the staff will care products.
    as a business manager, if not controlled in time, things may become embarrassing results. I remember when working at Apple, who had a meeting. At that time, an employee because of his wife and friends were laid off, the company's policy is not satisfied, put aggravation in my body. He uttered a series of face to face very difficult to hear the extent of its vulgar language, even in the most reckless of Americans are extremely rare.
    At that time, my first feeling was anger, because he rebuked the practice of this very bad insult. However, I immediately thought: \\Finally, I think, as a director of the department, on behalf of the interests of the company, a moment of anger can not affect the normal progress of the work.
    So I calmly told him: \I understand your feelings. Wait for you to calm down, if there is any suggestions, please tell me what you think is most appropriate for what we can carefully chat. \Over time, the employee moved his family to Europe, he and his wife have found a suitable job. Every year he would send cards to me and to my often expressed hope that the leadership of the department.
    addition to introspection and self-control, managers should always exercise self-discipline, at any time, should lead by example, not a privileged class style. For example, Google CEO Eric Schmidt has just been hired to join the company, Google employees do not own all the independent offices, but employees still feel a need to give him a relatively quiet office, give him arranged for a small independent office. One day, a design engineer to Schmidt's office said: \\\\Even in the new building, Schmidt also demanded that the \

    9) in good faith is more important than the dignity of all sincere

    common quality management excellence. Managers should learn to treat people with sincerity,coach purses, respect for employees, the staff know that you understand and appreciate their work. Some leaders in order to \As everyone knows, this secretive leadership is difficult to get employees truly trust and support.
    sincerely mean that managers are good at using empathy, from the perspective of others to consider the issue. For example, managers should give staff feedback, in front of more than grateful, in private (with constructive) criticism, and more communication with staff. This is not to say that in front of others can not criticize. If the matter is, it should be discussed frankly in front of others, but if it is human, then do not publicly hurt his pride.
    For managers, reflects the most important point of empathy is to understand and value their ideas, to make employees feel that you are a very care their leader. Take me,cheap gucci handbags, I will not blindly praise the work of subordinates, does not frequently give employees some \I would really have made achievements in staff time to time and specifically pointed out that his contribution to the company, and his performance made public. This way of motivating employees can really win trust and support, to the cohesion of the enterprise a huge impact.
    sincerely mean that managers need to fully trust the staff, not to find fault with the staff, and do not interfere with any employee behavior. We must frankly face its own, but also honest and others, to win the trust of colleagues or subordinates. Trust is all cooperation, communication foundation. If a team lack of cooperation, or lack of efficiency, then the most important reason is probably lack of trust between team members.
    Once, when I found my team not to each other frankly, I took them to the suburbs, opened a two-day meeting. I first explained the importance of trust and honest, then I hope everyone turns to talk about his greatest contribution to the team and their best inadequate, and where they want to make up the shortfall from. In order to break the deadlock, I start out, frankly, their own contributions and shortcomings, and exposed the weaknesses I think the biggest since. Then I asked my team to put forward their views and I have to add. We can see that my sincerity, also made a very good open discussion. After the meeting, not only we are more willing to open their hearts and are willing to trust others, we have established a very good team based on mutual trust.
    the basis of mutual trust, the team also need to have constructive conflict. Chinese traditionally prefer to avoid conflict, leave it alone. However, a good team must frankly face the problem. If we are able to do right, then open the debate more efficient. Only when all the information on the table, a team can more quickly and effectively to make the best decision. A leadership team in leading the process, everyone should be encouraged to be open and accept other people's right to listen to the views of the conflict and to encourage constructive debate and guide the team to reach a consensus. When consensus can not be reached, when the leading team to make a wise choice,CHI hair straightener, not simply to appease everyone and make a compromise.
    In essence, the trust is to trust others is a good starting point. In full trust environment, we do not hide the true colors, you can open their hearts, frankly admitted his shortcomings and failures, or a statement that they need help. A leader needs to create a full trust environment, not only honest and staff, but also encourage employees to honestly face the others.
    sincerely mean between managers and employees in an environment of equality, direct local communication. Very fast pace of the 21st century,monlcer online shop, do not know if a mistake, the result will be very serious. In the internal communication process, if something should be shadow boxing, guess what others think, do not communicate directly, then, the company will lose efficiency and eventually to failure.
    in direct communication in this regard, managers must not only set a good example, and must be repeated,moncler jackets for women, imparting to the advantages of direct communication, with practical action to encourage employees to express themselves directly to the local point of view. For example, I put forward in Google, I hope the employees can give my true opinion, even if I do not agree does not matter. Once the company's blog, I make a point, but there is a staff that this view is problematic. His presence at a meeting that many people face, said of his concerns. I not only accepted his views, and recognition on many occasions, thank him.
    leadership staff are as important as direct feedback. Problems arise, managers should give employees a clear and timely feedback. Their employees, managers should directly speak my mind, and not through a third party messenger. When communicating with subordinates is not smooth, it should improve their communication and more, using different methods, based on trust and the subordinate exchange.


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