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    shopping is a necessity, is a fun, relaxing hobby of tension is the driving force of market economy, so living in the United States places where people have a variety of shops large and small, in The store has a dazzling array from all over the world of commodities, all aware of these products I am afraid very few people do, to buy something to satisfaction is not always easy, but it is not no trick. We can roughly be divided into the following U.S. stores nine categories:

    1, boutiques (brand store): This shop is generally small, relatively more staff, good service, expensive, like the fashionable rich frequented by the general here that everyone can view the latest fashions.

    2, the supermarket: It is most popular shopping areas, full range of goods,monlcer online shop, the price is cheaper. Cheap There are two main reasons, first, customer-demand goods, store employees less, saving the cost of shopping centers; Second, large shipments,moncler sale, and thus lower the purchase price. You can see here the application of the computer played an important role, I appreciate that power powerful bar code readers, skilled sales of their goods from the water as it moved over the top turning, with the \; beep \Items were then classified staff packed plastic bags one by one, whether by credit card or cash payment are convenient. Then cart the goods onto the back of your car, lived all the bags in the trunk fling,CHI hair straightener, you can walk away. Each week,coach purses, the ever-changing commodity prices, by the computer management, sales do not intervene, you have questions, do print out the receipt coin check. In addition, this supermarket is generally leave the urban area, land cheaper, saves the cost disadvantage of distance was convenient traffic, and everyone has a car and offset by the wide parking lot. Many supermarkets are open 24 hours to meet the needs of busy Americans.

    3, specialized stores: such as electrical stores,moncler jackets for men, sporting goods stores, toy stores, auto parts stores, building material stores,moncler jackets for women, computer shop, etc., as a commodity, there is a wide range of grades and prices to choose from, on the special election purchase a particular commodity, and this is a good place.

    in the above categories of the store, pay attention to \\species of all kinds of items on a cart for the week of use, shopping or making money, and some low-income people on the \Some of the backlog or outdated goods, to \Encounter will offer discount holidays. The United States also fashionable, \Some supermarkets also have \

    4, online shopping, telephone shopping and mail order, the United States has been very popular home computer, Mr. Brown said to me: \grandchildren of this generation will not know, because all too common, my grandson-year-old, already with his third computer. \My niece in Alabama graduate school bought from a telephone line, the full amount after six months returned to 130 dollars. That the number of companies selling things ranging from money back, but said that now rising values and poor quality. Telephone shopping corresponds to take-away shops, commonly used in the ordering.

    5, to close down the shop, the United States is the market economy, the law against monopoly, pro-competition. Many companies close down every day, there are many companies newly opened, poor management of the stores have to close down, this is the harsh reality is that a system driven by the efforts of all employees and owners of work, not relax, the results the whole economy. To close the store (large print signs; \

    6, flea market (Flee market): As the name suggests, this market place, stall holders, and so are all the categories of items is not fixed, the general went to give the organizers pay tickets, new products have old, you have cheap prices, it is said may have stolen things for sale here.

    7, a dollar shopping malls (1 $ market): the U.S. dollar large-scale shopping malls, supermarkets also the structure of which the goods are numerous, are new and are sold for a dollar, where you can choose buy many things, but not all goods cheaper than other stores.

    8, thrift stores (Thrift shop), some are church-run, items donated by followers, salespersons seem obligation to help the elderly, whose purpose is to help the poor. The phone number you can be found on sale this cheap second-hand shops that address. Of course, you can have something to contribute there.

    9, garage sales (Garage sale), is a typical American way, summer and autumn weather, an area that many people open the garage door, the price of goods do not put their own are welcome , do not pay tax on their signs posted in the nearby utility poles, to find the Heart and cheap things, you have to drive around from place to place Caixing. Similarly, a Moving sale (moving sale material) and Yard sale (yard sale material). The United States is \restrictions. To be mobile, home of the debris is the drag on Garage sale is subject to United States popular way to exchange goods.
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