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12 дек 2018 в 16:44
    1. Vebro
      My accoimt 1130818. My first deposit was through local master card which does not accept withdrawal. So I decided to make another deposit through perfect money so I will be able to withdraw through PM. Still my withdrawal request was canceled, they are insisting that I must withdraw to the card that that does not accept payment. Kindly help me to contact your finance to withdraw the fund to my PM account.
    2. Vebro
      That is why my first withdrawal was rejected by my bank and fund reversed to trading account. Kindly advice me on what withdrawal method I should use
    3. Vebro
      My last withdrawal request I placed on account 1130818 was canceled because I use another withdrawal method. I can not use the same master card with which I made my deposit to withdraw fund because my card does not accept payment or doese not accept inflow.
    4. Vebro
      The $40 you sent to my Master card from trading account: 1130818 a month a go.nd was declined by my bank reason: Because my bank do not have a system that supports that type of inflow ie my card does not suport incoming payment
      Kindly advise me on what to do as the fund has not even return back to my trading account
    5. Alek
      Вывод долго ждать та
    6. karpov
      как наити сигналы для валюты?
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